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To see more pictures of Risk please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Risk

Risk, who is named from the popular song in Frozen 2 “Into the Unknown”, is the perfect balanced blend of brains and beauty. Risk most often has a sweet, loving demeanor to him. He greets people and dogs in a curious, polite way and leans on the neutral portion of the sociability spectrum. He’s temperamentally sound in just about every way, including noises, surfaces, people, dogs, crowds, various weather, fireworks, and everything in between. He has been to various dog sporting events and is quite an adaptive dog - no fears or insecurities, mainly just curiosity to see what everything is about. We explore different hiking trails often, and he spends a majority of the time off leash enjoying the nature.


We train and compete in a handful of dog sports together, including (and not limited to): conformation, agility, disc, dock diving, herding, rally, and barnhunt. Where Risk’s zest for life really shines is in both the agility ring and on the disc field. He is quite an animated, loud dog when it comes to the more stimulating performance sports. In agility specifically, he is quite fast, collects nicely, and turns on a dime. He can remain level headed while in drive and performs with great enthusiasm. Anyone that has met Risk and worked with him has had nothing but great things to say, specifically how he is speedy in agility and how he tries his hardest to be correct no matter what. In disc, he has nice cornering and speed for the games. In fact, he has been the #1 Illinois team and has placed in the top 40 masters teams in Toss and Fetch. He is on the softer side with his handlers, mostly due to the desire to please and get it right. Risk also loves to learn new tricks and you will oftentimes find him offering newer behaviors with an added bark just to show off his excitement to perform.


We have accomplished quite a bit in our first year together. At 10 months old, Risk competed in his first dock diving event through NADD and finished his Dock Junior title (and has since gotten personal bests in the senior division). At 11 months old, Risk was awarded the Puppy of Achievement Certificate through AKC. At 14 months old, Risk competed in his first agility event through CPE Speedway games, swept the floor in Pitstop by running faster than 50 other dogs and placing first in the round, and finished 6 for 6 Q’s to complete a C-SWE title. At 18 months old, Risk finished his Championship going best of Winners for a crossover major. At 20 months old, Risk received his first ever Best of Breed and OH Group 3 Placement. In 2022, the goal is to focus on agility and disc while we finish out his senior dock title and Rally Novice title.


I always tend to use these words to describe Risk’s personality… He is a sweet, sound dog who wishes nothing more than to make his people happy. He is feisty and chatty with his housemates (dog siblings) and has gotten along with just about every dog he has met. Risk also loves to listen to dog sport videos on my phone and tilt his head in anticipation of us going out to play together. He enjoys coming up and licking your face raw while simultaneously soliciting all of the pets from you. Risk has great food drive and even better toy drive, and his impulse control is impeccable as he likes to think, not just do. He is also a big water lover… so you will find him chasing the hose water just to get sprayed in the face, or finding the nearest body of water on a hike and diving in. I also absolutely love his size and coat and feel he’s an excellent representation of the breed. There are just so many nice qualities for me to say about him. Risk makes both a lovely active companion with an excellent off switch and a skilled sport dog by turning it on when it’s time. He is a gem and a team player. I love this sweet boy and am excited for our future together.

           - Sarah (Risk's owners words)

Health records

Blue and White Male
DOB: 10/11/2020

Height: 19.25"

Weight: 37 lbs

Ears: Taped

Bite: Full Dentition Certified

Penn HIP: 0.34 DI with no OA or cavitation present

Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal
Shoulders: OFA Normal

Patella'sOFA Normal

Spine: OFA Normal
CEA/CH: Clear
TNS: Clear
CAER: Clear on Jan 2023
BAER: Normal

Thyroid: Normal
MDR1: Clear

DH: Clear

EAOD: Carrier

NCL5: Clear

Glaucoma: Clear n/n

SN: Clear

C Type II-A: Clear
Cardiac (Advanced): Normal

Cobalamin malabsorption (B12 aka I-GS): Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Clear

212+ genetic variants clear through Optimal Selection & Embark (Excluding Carrier for EOAD)

AKC DNA Profile: #V10053636

OFA CHIC: #181909
Colors produced: Blk & Wht, and Blue & Wht
Owner: Sarah Hand

Co-owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Bartlett, IL USA

Nickname at Birth: Storm
tered: AKC & UKC

Sarah's website for Risk: Winsome Border Collies

Sarah's Instagram: TheLovablePack

Sarah's Facebook: Sarah Hand



To see more videos of Risk please visit our youtube page.


AKC Conformation (CH)

Championship at 18 months old.

Earned Puppy of Achievement at 11 months old.

AKC OH Group 3 at 20 months old.

Thank you to the following Judges for recognizing Risk: James Albrecht, Linda Hurlebaus, Walter Sommerfelt, Edy Dykstra-Blum, Amy Gau, Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, Allen Odom, Carl Liepmann, Mary Brocious, and Polly Smith.

NADD Dock Diving (DJ)

Dock Junior with a personal best of 11'9" at 10 months old.

Working on Dock Senior Title (PB: 15'9")

Toss and Fetch

Top 40 Master Handler team & Top 125 team worldwide in Winter 2021.

CPE Speedway (CSW-E) 

Speedway Elite Title in one day at 14 months old.


12/24/2020 Today on Christmas Eve Storm, now known as Risk flew to his new home in Illinois to live with his new owner Sarah. He's sure to accomplish great things under the expert care and training of Sarah. I look forward to watching them grow together as a team.

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