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Top Notch Mighty Ruler TKA RN CGC


To see more pictures of Titan please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Titan


Words from Titans owner:

"Titan is a complete angel boy! This sweet boy was Heaven sent and a heart healer after a tragic accident. He has been by far one of the easiest puppies to train and work with! He is a complete dream! He is so eager to please and is always so in tuned to what I want. He naturally wants to stay right next to you no matter if you are out running all day or just having a chill day that are for cuddles! He is super friendly and outgoing. He loves going out and always wants to stay with his human momma. 

Whether it is his very important role as a medical alert service dog or catching some discs, Titan is rocking at all of his incredible roles. He is showing huge potential for both sports and show! He absolutely loves disc, swimming and he is starting to really enjoy agility training! The more and more he matures the potential he shows for confirmation is excellent!"

Health records

Blue and White Male
DOB: 06/04/2019

Height: 20.5"
Weight: 45 lbs

Ears: Natural

Bite: Full Dentition w/correct scissor bite

Hips: TBA at 24 months of age
Elbows: TBA at 24 months of age
Shoulders: TBA at 24 months of ag

*194+ other genetic disease variants clear by Embark

Owner: Sarah F.

Co-owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Greenville, SC USA

Nickname at Birth: Austin
Registered: AKC



To see more videos of Titan please visit our youtube page.


10/17/2020 Titan earned his Caine Good Citizenship, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Trick Dog Titles today while at the Atlanta, GA dog show. 


9/01/2019 Today we arrived in Raleigh, NC where we had lunch with Titans new family. Since we were on vacation we decided to transport him there ourselves. It was a touching moment uniting pup with owner because this pairing has a tragic story leading up to it. I'm so happy though that this special boy could once again bring such joy into the heart of his new owner. He will be missed but we will see him again soon. 

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