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UKC CH AKC GCH Top Notch Shadow Kissed RN CGCA

Roza Top Notch Shadow Kissed 2016 BCSA Parent Club Specialty Select Bitch top notch border collies
Select Bitch
at the 2016 BCSA
Parent Club 
Specialty.  first 
time in the ring
as a special!

To see more pictures of Roza please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Roza

Roza is a puppy I kept from the Matty X Liberty breeding. I'm extremely pleased with her overall structure. She's very balanced, and true to standard. One of her strongest structural qualities is her movement. 


I'm always raving about her personality. She has a wonderful on/off switch. She's extremely smart and loves to work. Things just seem to come natural with Roza. It's as if she came out of the womb pre-trained. She can be soft and needs a gentle hand when training in areas like obedience or conformation. She hates to disappoint and wants nothing more than to please you. More high energy sports like flyball, agility or herding she's not at all soft. She wont give up or shut down. She truly loves these areas of performance.


She's very gentle with my young son and gets along well with other dogs, friendly with new people, and confident in new places. My little shadow, always following me where ever I go. She always knows how to make me smile. 


Roza's first weekend show she took Winners Bitch for a 4 point major. Her second weekend out she took reserve to the major and a Puppy Group 3. She later earned her second Major by going over specials while also taking a Bred-By Group 3. She finished her AKC CH with a huge win by taking reserve winners bitch at the BCSA National Specialty for a 3pt Major from the large Bred-By Class. Followed by winning Best Bred-By Exhibitor in show. Her first time in as a special she took Select Bitch at the BCSA Parent Club Specialty. What a way to start her Specials career! That same week she also won Best in Maturity at the National.


Along with showing her in breed, rally and lure coursing she's been in training for obedience, higher levels of rally, flyball and agility. Showing great potential for all areas. 

Health records




Black and White Female
DOB: 06/23/14
Height: 19"
Weight: 41 lbs 

Ears: Natural 

Bite: Full Dentition Certified


Hips: GOOD

Elbows: NORMAL

Shoulders: NORMAL

Patellar Luxation: NORMAL

CEA/CH: CLEAR by parentage

CL: CLEAR by Paretage

TNS: CLEAR #70384 (GenSol)

CAER: NORMAL as of 11/30/20 - FL Sun Spots 

BAER: NORMAL on 9/8/16


Thyroid: NORMAL


Glaucoma: NORMAL n/n

Dental Hypomineralization (DH): NORMAL

Cardiac (Echocardiogram): NORMAL

Cobalamin malabsorption (B12 aka I-GS): CLEAR

Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (CN): CLEAR

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): CLEAR

Colors : Can produce Blk/wht & Blue/wht.

Owner: Angela Efinger

Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Spartanburg, SC USA

Nickname at birth: River
Registered: AKC


  • 2016 UKC Conformation Top Ten - Tied for 7th place

  • 2016 Select Bitch at the BCSA Parent Club Specialty

  • 2016 Best in Maturity at BCSA Nationals

  • 2016 Best Bred By In Show BCSA Nationals

  • 2016 Reserve Winners Bitch (3pt Major) at BCSA Nationals and NEW CHAMPION. Finished with 3 major wins.

  • 2017 Runner up Best Bred-By in Sweepstakes BCSA Nationals



To see more videos of Roza please visit our youtube page.


6/13 - 6/17/18 The Tampa Cluster proved to be a very successful week of showing. Wednesday Roza was not entered, no love on Thursday, Friday however she won SB and 4 GCH points. NEW AKC GRAND CHAMPION ROZA! No love all day Saturday and Sunday she took Best of Opposite and BOBOH for 4 GCH points. Not a bad week for being out of coat.


2/17 - 2/18/18 This weekend Roza was entered in the Sun N' Fun AKC conformation show located in Lakeland, FL.

Saturday Roza took Select Bitch earning a 4 point GCH major. Sunday she took Select Bitch again for another 4 point GCH Major. This brings her total to 23 GCH points earned to date with all majors and wins over specials completed. 


9/8/17 Today Roza showed in Bred-By Sweepstakes and took Runner up to best bred by in sweeps! So proud of her. She showed nicely and didn't look too shabby considering she had puppies back home that were 7 weeks of age. There were 34 dogs entered in the bred by sweeps. 26 showed meaning she beat 24 other dogs for this honor. 

Between running around in circles in the conformation ring, Roza also had two runs in Novice B Rally. She did an amazing job. Scores are as follows:

  Trial 1: Nov.B Score 98/100 Qualified (2nd leg)

  Trial 2: Nov.B Score 100/100 Qualified 1st Place (NEW RN TITLE!)

The next day she made the cut in Breed at our National but no placement. 


8/26/17 Today I entered Roza one day at a local Obedience trail. A great way to celebrate National Dog Day! This was her debut in Rally and she qualified in St. Petersburg, FL with a score of 97/100 for her 1st leg. Not bad considering her only training was performed on my living room rug with minimal training. She and I enjoyed the time together. It's never been just the two of us. 


10/29 - 10/30 Roza took Select Bitch both Saturday and Sunday at the Plant City, FL dog show. She earned 1 point towards her Grand Championship each day for a total of 2 points for the weekend. This brings her grand total to 7 pts with 1 major and 1 win over champions. Long way to go but we have only just begun. On Saturday she also won Best of Breed Owner Handler and went on to take a Herding Group 3 in the Owner Handler Series. She showed so well and even did well for Savannah who showed her in my place. My son unfortunately fell ill and so my husband who was supposed to help handle had to stay home. I was so proud of how well she did for someone else. My baby girl is growing up and maturing so nicely. She's really gained a lot of self confidence in the last year. 


9/10 - 9/11/16 BCSA NATIONALS & SPECIALTY Saturday was our National. Roza was entered in the Bred-by class. This was a large class consisting of 12 exceptional bitches. I was so thrilled when Judge Joanne Ratcliffe awarded Roza 1st in the Bred-By class! I was beyond thrilled and more so as the show continued. Roza ended up winning Reserve Winners Bitch! Earning her a 3 point Major and finishing her Championship in STYLE! Doesn't end there. She was also awarded Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show!!!! What an honor! I can't thank Joanne enough for this unforgettable win. 

Sunday was the Specialty. I moved Roza up to BOB where she showed as a special for the first time. She blew me away by earning Select bitch at the Specialty!! Thank you so much Judge Ross Green for recognizing her quality. Both judges were wonderful. I had so much fun showing. A Nationals I will never forget!

9/9/16 BCSA NATIONALS Today Roza showed in bred by sweeps (12+ mon). This was a very large class of exceptional quality. Unfortunately no love for Roza today.

9/8/16 BCSA NATIONALS On Thursday she was BAER tested Normal :) That evening was the Futurity/Maturity event. I'm happy to say Roza won Best in Maturity! I'm so proud of her. A great start to our Nationals. Thanks goes to judge Carol Clark for recognizing her quality. 


9/3 - 9/4/16 Roza was entered in the Bred-by class both Saturday and Sunday at the All Breed show

at Purina Farms in MO the weekend prior to BCSA Nationals. She took Winners Bitch on Sunday for a 4 point major leaving her with only 1 single point to finish her AKC Championship.

7/30 - 7/31/16 Our second UKC Conformation show was this weekend. Two shows each day for a total of four shows. Roza did great and earned a new title! She is now a UKC Champion! Incluing her wins from the 17th of July she's accumulated 180 points with 3 wins over competition. Results this weekend are:

Show #1 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female / Best of Winners / BOB

Show #2 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female / Best of Winners / BOB

Show #3 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female

Show #4 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female

7/17/16 Our first ever UKC Conformation show was this sunday. Two shows in one day and Roza did great. She picked up 60 pts and 1 win over competition. Results are as follows:

Show #1 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female / Best of Winners / BOB

Show #2 1st in Bred-By class / Best Female


6/16 -6/19/16 Roza was entered in the 4 day Cluster at the Tampa, FL AKC Conformation show. Results are as follows:

   Thur: Reserve to the Major

   Fri: Reserve to the Major

   Sat: Winners Bitch for 2 pts and Bred-by group 3

          Passed her CGC test, CAER Normal, Heart Normal.

   Sun: Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite sex and Best of Breed Owner Handler for a 3 point major. She went over two specials for the win. 

She is now at 10 pts total with both majors obtained. 


12/9 - 12/13/15 Roza showed Wed - Fri and Sunday at the Eukanuba show and Herding Specialty. She showed well for her third ever show. This large show was a little overwhelming for her. She wasn't her usual peppy self but by the end of the week she became more comfortable with it all. I was very proud of her overall performance. Although we did not take home any Championship points she did take Reserve to a 5 pt majior two days out of the four we showed (Wed & Friday herding specialty). 


6/11 - 6/14/15 Roza's second conformation show was held at the four day Tampa, FL cluster. Thursday, Friday and Sunday she won her class each day. On Saturday she took Reserve to the major along with Best Puppy followed by a Puppy Group 3! She had a lot of fun and started showing signs that she knew the ring routine by darting off without any guidance. I'm glad she loves to show and look forward to showing her again soon.  


4/18 - 4/19/15 Saturday Roza showed for the very first time. She was entered in the 9-12 month puppy class and was beat by her dam Liberty who ended up finishing her Championship with the major win. On Sunday though Roza was a rock star and showed really well taking winners bitch for a 4 point major! I'm so proud of her. What an accomplishment for her first weekend out at only 9 months of age!


8/17/14 We have decided today to keep River from the Matty X Liberty litter and name her Roza "Top Notch Shadow Kissed." We felt this was a great name. Its a character in one of the books I'm reading and goes with her body being dark on her non show side and show side is more white.  




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