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IntCH Wishlyn's Heart Of Gold At Top

Notch RN CGC (HIC)

Reggie wishlyn's heart of gold at top notch top notch border collies

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About Reggie


Reggie is my sweet boy. He's very mellow for a border collie. We did everything from rally, obedience, herding, conformation, lure coursing etc. other than the lure coursing  and frisbee he didn't care much for any of it. He was a born couch potato. He also has mild separation anxiety and since we are constantly out and about at shows and other activities we decided he needed a home where he could get the attention he needed as a pet. 


He was three when I finally convinced myself I had to let him go. It killed me but It was in his best interest. Unfortunately he ended back home after almost two years with his new family. They said their personalities didn't match. He's still the same happy lovable Reggie I know.


We are so happy to say he's now living in his forever home and doing very well. I couldn't be more happy for him! He really deserves this. Thanks goes out to his owenrs for providing the best care for our boy. He truly has a heart of gold and I know he's in good hands. We look forward to seeing you for play dates in the future. 





Gold and White Male

Height: 20"
Weight: 45 lbs 

Ears: Natural - Pricked

Bite: Full dentition 

Owner: Jill H.

Co-Owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Kim Peacock (Wishlyn Border Collies)

Location: Tavernier, FL USA
Registered: AKC


To see more videos of Reggie please visit our youtube page.


5/30/15 Reggie went to his new loving home today in the Key West area of Florida. It's a perfect home for him and I'm so happy he settled in so well. He's finally found his much deserved forever home. :)


4/10/15 Reggie is back home and looking for a new home.


7/5/13 Reggie went to his new loving home today in Naples, FL. He's living the life of a much loved pet. We will miss him very much.

3/10/12 Reggie earned his second leg in Rally Adv!

3/3/12 Reggie earned his first leg in Rally Adv!


10/1 - 10/2/11 Reggie gained the IntCH title (International Championship) and the NatCH (National Championship) from the IABCA (International All Breed Canine Assoc. of America). He also took a "BOB" win one day. 

8/20 - 8/21/11 Reggie earned his two remaining Rally-O legs earning him his FIRST TITLE which is RN (Rally Novice)!! He got 3rd out of 27 dogs with a score of 99/100 ! we are so proud of him!

6/12/11 Reggie earned his first leg in Nov. Rally-O!


11/13/10 Reggie earned his 1st leg today in Novice Obedience! It was his 1st time in the obedience ring. 

10/24/10 Reggie won a Group 2 at a B-Match in Titusville, FL

9/2010 Reggie earned his HIC (herding instinct certification). Due to his wonderful herding ability we will be training Reggie for herding trials in the future.

6/02/10 Reggie was CGC certified today! He was such a good boy and is almost ready to show in obedience! 

5/23/10 Reggie went to the Jackson, TN show. It was a Major show for Border Collies. This was his debut and he came home with a reserve one day. he was such a well mannered puppy and acted like a pro. I'm so proud of him

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