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Top Notch Zero To Hero


To see more pictures of Echo please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Percy


Words from Percy's owner:

 "The best way to describe Percy is a spunky, feisty snuggle bug. This dog wants nothing more than to be asleep on your chest. Even with such a sweet nature this dog is far from soft. He wants a challenge and he wants to figure it out. He strives for direction and is very willing to please when given that direction. His drive for a disc or ball is very nice and so enjoyable and fun to train. He is very handler focused. When training in public, he is a happy, confident fella just still wanting to check in with his surroundings with time and exposure he will be a bomb proof dog in public settings. Structure wise, he is very nice overall, lovely expression and head, nice reach and drive in his movement. Percy is a heart dog as he encompasses a piece of his sister who past away so young. He bonded so quickly and knows his place in our home. Sadly as his previous owner neutered him we will not be able to debut in confirmation. But he has an incredible future in agility, obedience, rally, disc, and possibly dock diving and herding!"

Health records


Black and White Male
Height: 20"
Weight: 40 lbs

Ears: Natural - rose set

Bite: Correct and full dentition

Owner: Sarah F.

Co-owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Greenville, SC USA

Nickname at Birth: Summer
Registered: AKC



To see more videos of Echo please visit our youtube page.


September 7th 2020 Today Echo, now known as Percy went to his new home in Greensboro, NC. He is enjoying training for various sports like disc and agility. 

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