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Top Notch Kitty Sunshine

Kitty Top Notch Kitty Sunshine top notch border collies

To see more pictures of Kitty please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Kitty


Kitty was the smallest girl in her litter. A clever little girl with a heart of gold.

She has a wonderful family and lives in a very dog friendly city. Her owners enjoy teaching her new behaviors and have her enrolled in obedience classes. I'm told she is doing extremely well.


You may be wondering how Kitty got her name? Her owners worked for the school district and a book which held meaning to them was called "A dog called Kitty." 


I'm hoping to see this sweet little girl again. Nothing makes me more excited than to have puppy reunions and see how they are growing and doing with their lives. 







Black and White Female


DOB: 6/23/14
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA

Ears: Natural -pricked

Bite: TBA 

Owner: Christine & James Y.

Co-Owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Dunedin, FL USA
Registered: AKC

Nickname at birth: Rain





1/23/15 Kitty came by for a visit with her family today. She enjoyed playing with her sister Roza and the rest of her family. She's growing up to be a beautiful girl. Her pricked ears are absolutely adorable on her. Can't wait to have Kitty and her family join one of our big puppy playdates later this year.


8/19/14 Kitty has gone to her new home located in Dunedin, FL. She is in a wonderful pet home and I hope to see her in the future for a puppy play date.

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