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Top Notch Magical Charm

Jinx Top Notch Magical Charm top noth border collies

To see more pictures of Jinx please visit our fan page on facebook.

About Jinx



Jinx is a beautiful girl with a sweet personality. She has a great on/off switch, gorgeous coat and very expressive face. No one loves a ball more than this girl. She is part of a wonderful active family. Accompanying them on regular camping trips along with our puppy get together's. 


She is co-owned with Monica and resides near the Tampa, FL area. I couldn't have asked for a more loving home for her. Monica and her family have taken obedience and agility classes and are highly interested in the dog show world. Though the future of her family showing her in performance is uncertain, her owners enjoy bringing her along to spectate when I'm showing my own dogs. 


This year we are taking the reins and will be showing Jinx toward her Championship in bred-by. Very excited to see what her future holds.

Health records


Black and White Female
Height: TBA
Weight: 40 lbs 

Ears: Natural - Slight rose

Bite: Full dentition 

CEA/CH: Clear by parentage
CL: Clear by parentage

Colors: Produces Black & White. Possibly Gold.
Owner: Angela Efinger & Monica T.
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Tampa, FL USA

Nickname at birth: Jinx
Registered: AKC



Jinx appears in the video at 9 minutes in


10/29- 10/30 Jinx won Winners Bitch on Saturday and Sunday at the Plant City, FL dog show. She earned 1 point each day for her first 2 points towards her AKC Championship. She is such a natural in the ring and behaved so well. I'm so proud of her. We rarely get a chance to work with her and her owners have done a great job preparing her for the ring. I love that she shows so well for anyone. Thanks to Sandy for showing her in the Breed ring for me while I dealt with the two specials I had entered. I couldn't have done it without you!


6/11 - 6/14/15 Jinx won her class all four days from the BBE class. Thur and Friday she took reserve to the major. On Friday she also won Best Bred By Exhibitor followed by winning a BBE Group 1! She's a lot of fun to show. She will be showing along side her half sister Roza again in October. 


4/18 - 4/19/15 Saturday & Sunday Jinx showed for the first time. She was extremely fun to show. She reminds me a lot of her dam in so many ways, focused, knows her job and loves to perform. She won her class both day's but was beat by her dam and half sister each day. Not a bad start for her first weekend out. 


12/16/13 Jinx has gone to her new home near Tampa, FL. We will miss her greatly but look forward to seeing how she grows.

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