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Top Notch Aces High

Gamble sitting pretty.jpg

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About Gamble

This handsome 4 year old neutered male now resides in Jacksonville, FL with a fantastic owner who loves to take him out on hikes, kayaking and walks. He's the sweetest dog and best companion. 

Health records

NEUTERED (Cryptorchidism- both testicles)

Black and White Male
DOB: 07/17/17

Height: 20
Weight: 50 

Ears: Natural

Bite: Full Dentition

Owner: Kathy L.

Co-owner: Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Jacksonville, FL USA

Nickname at Birth: Gamble
Registered: AKC



To see more videos of Gamble please visit our youtube page.


12/27/21 Gamble was rehomed to a fantastic lady in Jacksonville, FL. 


07/18/21 Gamble was returned to us today due to no fault of his own and will be looking for a new forever home. 

09/29/18 Today Gambles owner drove down from GA to allow me the pleasure of examining this beautiful boy and take some photos. It was great to see him again. 


10/04/17 Gamble left for his new home today to live in GA. 

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