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Roza top notch shadow kissed
Caed Wescots Scotaidh At Pemjoy

Caed X Roza


GCHB Wescots Scotaidh At Pemjoy RN PT CGC TT


Seal and White Male

DOB: 11/25/10
Height: 20"
Elbows: OFA Normal
CEA/CH: Clear
CL: Clear

TNS: Clear

BAER: Normal
CAER: Normal

I-GS: Clear

DM: Clear

MDR1: Normal

NCL/NCL5: Clear
Owner: Conrad Strubhar

Breeder: Wendy Jordan (Wescot Border Collies)

UKC/AKC CH Top Notch Shadow Kissed RN CGCA


Black and White Female

DOB: 06/23/14
Height: 19"
Elbows: OFA Normal

Shoulders: Normal

Patella's: Normal
CEA/CH: Clear by Parentage
CL: Clear by Parentage
TNS: Clear by Parentage

CAER: Normal as of 6/18/16

MDR1: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Cardiac (Echo): Normal

I-GS: Clear

DM: Clear

CN: Clear
Breeder/Owner: Angela Efinger (Top Notch Border Collies)

Puppies Born on 7/17/17

4 boys 1 girl

General Information

SIRE:  Caed is owned by Conrad Strubhar and was bred by Wendy Jordan of Wescot Border Collies. He's a very athletic boy. His owner shows him in conformation where they currently rank at #17 in breed sandings for 2017 with minimal showing (as of 5/30/17). He has a fantastic personality and is a great mover. His owner enjoys training him in various areas of performance including herding, tricks, rally, agility, conformation and frisbee. 

DAM: Roza is our most lovable border collie. She has a very sweet disposition and hates to disappoint you. She has a great on/off switch which we love. She's very balanced and moves with effortless drive. She finished her AKC Championship at the BCSA National Specialty by taking Reserve WInners Bitch, followed by winning Best Bred-By Exhibitor in show and took Select Bitch her first time in the ring at the BCSA Parent Club Specialty. What a way to start her specials career. Agility and flyball are by far her favorite performance activities. Her speed and enthusiasm makes her a fun dog to work with. Once I finish up a few of my title goals with a few other dogs is when I will finally be making her performance debuts. For now though she's just enjoying the training time.

Litter Pedigree

Weekly puppy pictures 


Litter theme


Lime Green ID collar

Black & White Male

Puppy #1 Boy


Blue ID collar

Black & White Male

Puppy #2 Boy


Pink ID collar

Black & White Female

Puppy #3 Girl


Teal ID collar

Black & White Male

Puppy #4 Boy


Dark Green ID collar

Black & White Male

Puppy #5 Boy

Roza with her pups 7/22/17.

To see more puppy pictures please visit our fan page on facebook.

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