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Top Notch Omnipotent  

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About Angus


Angus is lifelong resident at Top Notch Border Collies. He is out of Ragan and Liberty. We named him "Top Notch Omnipotent" which means able to do anything, the power to do all. That is just what this boy was bred to do.

Angus has a fun loving personality. He strives to please you and refuses to give up until he gets it right. Never shutting down or tiring. He loves people and going new places. He enjoys playing with new litters of puppies and is very affectionate with my son. 

Most of his training was done while being used as my demo dog for teaching classes. I didn't push him or work him hard. He's so smart and takes a fraction of the time to train compared to other dogs. H
e's been an absolute dream to train.


He's been shown in agility once but was put back in training till we worked out the kinks. He later required a hernia surgery and now that he's fully healed we are back at it. Even at eleven years of age he's not slowed down one bit. 


Flyball is one of his favorite sports.. Our first weekend racing he earned three titles in one weekend and ran so well. I wish we could have continued this sport. He's had several herding lessons and exhibited a great deal of self control on sheep. Engaging with a medium eye. My ultimate goal with him is to eventually compete for the Janet Larson award at our BCSA Nationals. but its extremely hard to find time to attend herding lessons with them being so far away.


2017 he earned 9th Place at the AKC Rally Nationals in RAE class. Later earned his AKC RACH title in 2021. In 2022 he won 3rd place from the Championship class at the AKC Rally Nationals! Rally has been extremely fun with Angus. He always performs at his best when you keep him on his toes. Showing him is like a dance. He loves to go fast routinely placing us as the fastest team. 


In conformation he finished quickly with three majors. The weekend he finished his AKC Championship he took BOB over a top male special and wet on to make the final cut in groups two day's in a row. He also picked up a 4 point major towards his Grand Championship. His biggest win was at the Eukanuba pre-shows on Friday in 2015. They had a herding specialty where he and 20 specials were entered. He took Select Dog for a 5 pt major towards his grand championship. In IABCA conformation his first weekend out he took BOB all four shows with V-1 ratings earning his IntCH title and soon after his NatCH title. Higher awards that weekend included Reserve Best in show, Reserve Best in Show Bred By exhibitor and Best in show Bred By exhibitor. 


I can't say enough about this boy. He's my first bred-by and I couldn't have asked for more. 

Health records


Black and White Male
Height: 20"
Weight: 41.5 lbs 

Ears: Natural - Forward tipped

Bite: Full dentition certified


Hips: GOOD
Elbows: NORMAL
Shoulders: NORMAL
CAER: NORMAL as of 12/24/18. Tested again on 4/13/24 beginning signs of cataracts showing at 11.5yrs old
BAER: NORMAL on 11/1/23
Thyroid: NORMAL
Cardiac (Auscultation): NORMAL on 6/14/14. Tested again on 4/13/24 at 11.5yrs old and stage 3 murmur detected. Follow up echocardiogram shows minor leaking valve. Will follow up with x-rays and echo every 6mon to monitor. No outward symptoms showing.
Cobalamin malabsorption (B12 aka I-GS): CLEAR
Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (CN): CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): CLEAR


AKC DNA Profile: # V713971
Colors VetgenTested: Produces Blk, Blue, Gold & Tri 
Angela Efinger
Breeder: Angela Efinger

Location: Boiling Springs, SC USA
Registered: AKC

Info. & Pictures of offspring

Title Accomplishments


AKC Champion (CH)

AKC Grand Champion (GCH)

UKC Champion (CH)

IABCA International Champion (IntCH)

IABCA National Champion (NatCH)

AKC Companion Dog (CD)

AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)

UKC United Companion Dog (UCD)

AKC Rally Novice (RN)

AKC Rally Advanced (RA)

AKC Rally Excellent (RE)

AKC Rally Master (RM3)

AKC Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE4)

UKC United Rally Obedience 1 (URO1)

AKC Rally Champion (RACH)

Barn Hunt

Novice A (RATN)

Open A (RATO)

NAFA Flyball Dog (FD)

NAFA Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX)

NAFA Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh)

NAFA Flyball Dog Champion Silver (FDCh-S)

U-FLI Top Flight (TF)

U-FLI Top Flight Level 1 (TF-I)

U-FLI Top Flight Level 2 (TF-II)

U-FLI Top Flight Level 3 (TF-III)



AKC Novice Agility Standard (NA)

AKC Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ)

AKC Novice Agility FAST (NF)


Novice Trick Dog (NTD)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA)

ATTS Temperament Tested (TT)

Farm Dog Certified (FDC)

Dock Diving

NADD Dock Junior (DJ)

NADD Dock Junior Advanced (DJA)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dock stats as of 4/21/24

Total Splashes: 50

Career Average: 11' 7"

Personal Best: 13' 9"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Points as of 8/14/16

NAFA: 1,385 pts

U-FLI: 1,105

2016 UKC Conformation Top Ten - Tied for 7th place

2017 AKC Rally Nationals RAE 9th Place out of 160 entries

2022 AKC Rally Nationals Championship Class 3rd Place out

          of 169 entries

2023 NADD Regional and National Qualifier 

2024 NADD Regional Qualifier 



To see more videos of Angus please visit our youtube page.


I've lost track of all that we have done since last post. Quick recap can be found in his titles at the top of the page or under the list of title accomplishments. 

10/17/21 NEW RACH title today! We haven't been good about posting our shows here but he spent most of 2021 completing his RACH title requirements and did it by also earning several high in trial and high combined wins. So proud of this boy. 


10/19 - 10/20/19 AKC Rally in Sarasota. Two trials on Saturday and one on Sunday.


   Masters: 100/100 1st place (5 RACH pts)

   Excellent: 90/100 no placement (0 RACH pts)

   Advanced: 100/100 1st place (Triple Q #4)

   Masters: 97/100 2nd place (2 RACH pts)

   Excellent: 89/100 no placement (0 RACH pts)

   Advanced: 100/100 1st place (Triple Q # 5)


   Masters: 100/100 1st place (5 RACH pts)

   Excellent: 99/100 3rd place (4 RACH pts)

   Advanced: 97/100 3rd place (Triple Q #6 and High Triple Award 296/300)


1/16/19 Today Angus showed in Rally Masters, Excellent and Advance levels. He earned a qualifying score in all three including a 4th placement in Advance level. Earning him his 6th RAE2 leg, a triple Q and his 3rd Rally Masters leg. NEW RM TITLE!


1/12 - 1/13/19 The first weekend in Brooksville, FL was a success. This was our first time ever competing in the Master Rally level. Results are as follows:


     Master Score 95/100 Qualified and 3rd place (1st Master leg)

     Ex B 90/100 Qualified and 4th place 

     Adv B 99/100 Qualified and 2nd place (RAE2 4th leg & RACH 1st Triple Q)


     Master Score 100/100 Qualified and 1st place (2nd Master leg)

     Ex B 100/100 Qualified and 1st place 

     Adv B 99/100 Qualified and 1st place (RAE2 5th leg & RACH 2nd Triple Q)

6/13 - 6/17/18 The Tampa Cluster proved to be a very successful week of showing. Wednesday Anugs took SD earning 2 GCH points. Thursday SD again for 1 GCH point. Friday SD again for 2 GCH points, leaving only 1 point remaining to finish his Grand. He was not entered Saturday but was on Sunday where he earned SD and 2 GCH points. NEW AKC GRAND CHAMPION ANGUS!


6/2/17 - 2/18/18 This weekend Angus was entered in the Sun N' Fun AKC conformation show located in Lakeland, FL.

Saturday Angus took Select Dog and BOBOH for a 3 point GCH Major. Afterward he passed his Temperament Test. Sunday he took Select Dog and BOBOH again earning 1 GCH point. He later went on to take an owner handler herding Group 4. This brings his total to 19 GCH points earned to date with all majors and wins over specials completed. 


9/8/17 BCSA Nationals (Rally) Friday was a busy day for us running back and forth from the rally rings to the conformation rings with several dogs. Thanks goes to the ring crew and rally judge for being so patient and waiting for me to get out of the conformation ring so I wouldn't miss my rally runs! I'm so grateful to them. Thanks to them Angus and I took home another 2 legs towards his RAE2 title. Scores are as follows: 

Trial 1 Ex.B Score of 98/100 Qualified

           Adv.B Score of 98/100 Qualified (2nd RAE2 leg)

Trial 2 Ex.B Score of 90/100 Qualified 

           Adv.B Score of 97/100 Qualified (3rd RAE2 leg)


9/6/17 BCSA NATIONALS (Agility)Angus ran one day of Agility at the BCSA Nationals in Missouri. He qualified in 2 out of 3 runs. He had his first run in Novice Fast where he Qualified for his first leg with a time of 30.15 sec and a score of 66 pts. He then Qualified in Novice Standard with a time of 30.83 sec. and no faults earning him 1st place. 


3/24/17 AKC RALLY NATIONALS We don't have many shows planned this year but the few we do have are big events. The start of them this year was AKC Rally Nationals in Perry, GA. Angus was spot on and together we made the TOP TEN in RAE! We took 9th Place with a combined score of 397/400. I can't even describe how excited I was to hear our name called for awards! I can't say it enough. I just LOVE this dog. He's the best and enjoys it as much as I do. Looking forward to doing this again. 


10/29 - 10/30/16 Angus took Best of Opposite both Saturday and Sunday in Plant City, FL. Unfortunately there were no other males entered at this show. Entries were small, so no points were available. He did however take Best of Breed Owner Handler on Sunday and a Herding Group 3 in the Owner Handler series. 


9/10 - 9/11/16 BCSA NATIONALS Saturday Angus just had BOB competition which I pulled him from because my knee was so swollen that running became difficult. On Sunday my friend Alyssa showed him for me. The BOB Class consisted of over 50 specials. Many of which were of outstanding quality. Though Alyssa showed him well for her first ever experience in the ring there was no love for Angus in Conformation. Later that Sunday he earned his CGCA title with flying colors. 

9/9/16 BCSA NATIONALS Today Angus had 2 rally trials in one day as well as coformation in bred by sweeps (12+ mon). Results are:

Bred-By Sweeps: No love for Angus in this very large class full of really nice dogs.

Trial 1:

  Rally Ex B (Qualified 98/100 2nd Place)

  Rally Adv. B (Qualified 97/100 4th Place)   Earned his 10th RAE leg!

                  * HIGH IN TRIAL COMBINED FOR RALLY *

                                    * NEW RAE TITLE *

                         * NEVER NQ IN RALLY TO DATE *

Trial 2:

  Rally Ex B (Qualified 95/100 3rd Place)

  Rally Adv. B (Qualified 99/100 3rd Place)   Earned his 1st RAE2 leg

9/7 - 9/8/16 BCSA NATIONALS On Wednesday Angus had one Novice JWW run. He did

great! Qualified with a 2nd placement (this is his 2nd leg). He was only entered in a total of 1

run each day.

On Thursday he showed in updog for the first time. It happened to be in the pouring rain and having little experience throwing disc I'm sure he's secretly wishing for another partner in this sport ha ha ha. He also had a BAER test done. Happy to report all is Normal with his hearing :) For his other Novice JWW run on Thursday I had to run from the Maturity event with Roza, change clothes, catch the last minute walk through and ran first. I blew our run. Was unsure of where he should go mid run and gave a delayed cue causing him to take a jump down in his attempt to take the correct one. He tried so hard and would have qualified and titled if it wasn't for me. Oh well always next time. I'm so happy about his improvement in agility since our first show. He's shown a great deal of control and focus! I'm so excited about that. 


9/3 - 9/4/16 Angus was entered in BOB both Saturday and Sunday at the All Breed show

at Purina Farms in MO the weekend prior to BCSA Nationals. He took Select Dog both day's

but unfortunately there was no points available to be earned. 


8/20 - 8/21/16 The rally trial this weekend was by far the hardest for Angus. His head was not in the game due to having two girls at home in heat at the same time. He spent every second looking for them at the show and could not focus. However even with his mind clouded we still managed to Qualify in every run each day. Results were:


    Rally Ex B (Qualified 80/100)  

    Rally Adv. B (Qualified 98/100 4th place)   Earned his 6th RAE leg


    Rally Ex B (Qualified 97/100)

    Rally Adv. B (Qualified 97/100 4th place)   Earned his 7th RAE leg


8/13 - 8/14/16 Angus was entered in his first flyball tournament since his incident where he was bit by another dog while in practice. He was left with 6 staples and a few weeks off for recovery. He came back excited to run but once asked to run with other dogs it proved to weigh heavily on him. A once dependable easy dog to run has now become very wary of his K9 counterparts. He began to show improvement in training so we kept his spot at the upcoming show since I had already entered him. We took it easy and he did well on Saturday with only one time getting spooked by an oncoming dog who had to re-run after dropping the ball. We had him running last to help boost his confidence with having less pressure on him. He ended up earning his FDCh-S title and our team took second in our division. Sunday however was not the same outcome. Prior to our first race of the day I sensed his mind was elsewhere. One of our opponents dogs was not running well and as soon as Angus realized that dog was not in control he decided not to run so I pulled him for the rest of the day. He needs a break from competing and we will continue to work on getting his confidence back in training. He loves to run just doesn't trust the other dogs anymore, which I can't blame him for. 


7/30 - 7/31/16 Our second UKC Conformation show was this weekend. Two shows each day for a total of four shows. Angus did great and earned a new title! He is now a UKC Champion! His biggest win was a Herding Group 1 out of a large class. Incluing his wins from the 17th of July he's accumulated 180 points with 4 wins over competition. Results this weekend are:

Show #1 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male

Show #2 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male

Show #3 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male / Best of Winners / BOB

Show #4 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male / Best of Winners / BOB / Group 1

7/17/16 Our first ever UKC Conformation show was this sunday. Two shows in one day and Angus did great. He picked up 60 pts and 2 wins over competition. Results are as follows:

Show #1 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male 

Show #2 1st in Bred-By class / Best Male / Best of Winners / BOB / Group 4

7/2-7/3/16 Our first U-FLI flyball tournament was a great success! Angus earned a grand total of 1,105 pts his first weekend which also earned him four new flyball titles! Top Flight, TF level I, II, & III. I'm so proud of him and thankful for being a part of such a great team. He's running great too. His times on average are 4.5 - 4.8 seconds. He's a great start dog and truly loves to play the game. I love seeing him so happy.

6/19/16 Angus was entered one day on Sunday at a NAFA Flyball tournament in St. Petersburg, FL. Our team leader was nice enough to run him while I was at a separate show in Tampa doing conformation with other dogs. When my show was over I stopped by to finish his last run of the day. I was told he did an amazing job. Flawless runs and was bumped up to starter position. 137 pts earned this day.  

6/4 - 6/5/16 Angus had a successful weekend at the UKC show hosted by DTCSP. We competed In two trials on the same day on Saturday and one trial on Sunday.


Trial 1 results: Nov. Obedience / Qualified / Score 193.5/200 / 2nd Place / 2nd leg
                       Rally Obedience level 1 / Qualified / Score 98/100 / 2nd Place / 2nd leg

Trial 2 results: Nov. Obedience / Qualified / Score 191.5/200 / 2nd Place / 3rd leg & NEW UCD TITLE
                       Rally Obedience level 1 / Qualified / Score 99/100 / 2nd Place / 3rd leg & NEW URO1 TITLE


We moved up to Open Obedience and Level 2 Rally today.

Results: Open Obedience / Qualified / Score 189.5/200 / 1st Place / 1st leg

             Rally Obedience level 2 / Qualified / Score 100/100 / 1st Place / 1st leg

5/21 - 5/22/16  On Saturday Angus and I entered our first ever Flyball tournament together. He ran so well! Our team took first place in our Open Class. We won 4 out of 6 races today. Angus also earned two titles. His FD (Flyball Dog) and his FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent) title! The tournaments atmosphere really brought out the excitement level in him. I think he was running faster today than he's ever run in class. I'm so proud of him.

On Sunday he did fantastic! Earned his FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion) title. Weekend ended with 763 pts. Our team took 3rd place on sunday. Couldn't have achieved this without an awesome team of dogs. I'm honored to have been given the chance to run with a great group of people and dogs. Looking forward to racing again soon!


5/15/16 I only entered Angus one day on Sunday. This was our first ever UKC obedience and rally trial. In Novice Obedience he earned his first leg towards his UCD by taking 1st place with a score of 192.5/100. In Rally Novice (RO1) he earned a qualifying score of 98/100 and 1st place as well as a rally HIGH IN TRIAL award! The award consisted of a vase with etched glass paw print and rosette. I'm so proud of him!


5/7 - 5/8/16 On Saturday Angus was shown in Rally Adv. & Ex In the Advanced B class he placed 1st with a perfect score of 100/100. In the Excellent B class he earned a qualifing score of 90/100 making this his 4th leg towards his RAE title. On Sunday he was shown in Rally Adv & Ex as well as Open Obedience. In the Advanced B class he placed 1st again with another perfect score of 100/100. In the Excellent B class he qualified with a score of 94/100 earning his 5th leg toward his RAE title. In Open Obedience he earned a qualifying score of 192.5/200 taking 1st place and NEW CDX TITLE!


4/9-4/10/16 This weekend I decided to enter Angus in a few Agility runs to see how he would do and find out where we are at in our training and what we need to work on. I was a bit overwhelmed by his higher level of excitement at the show. He was beyond thrilled to be there. He ended up only qualifying in Novice JWW taking 1st place on sunday. I pulled him mid run for most of his courses for lack of control such as flying off a teeter or poping out early from the weaves in anticipation for the next obstacle. With some more training he is going to be amazing! Just need to channel that excitement.


4/2 - 4/3/16 Fantastic weekend showing Angus at the IABCA conformation show in Ocala, FL. He earned his IntCH title with all V-1 ratings. Before I get to the results I have to first give recognition to my husband who went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of husband duty. I ended up having a conflict with my son's talent show and my dog show on Saturday leaving me unable to show him in show 1 & 2. To keep me from waiting another year to get Angus's title and avoid wasting entries paid for he stepped up and offered to show Angus, by himself, for the first time. I'm so proud of him. He did great! Here are the results:


     Show #1 
       Best of Breed
       Best Of Breed Bred-By Exhibitor / Bred-By Exhibitor Group 2

     Show #2 
       Best of Breed / Herding Group 3
Best Of Breed Bred-By Exhibitor / 
Bred-By Exhibitor Group 2


     Show #3
       Best of Breed / Herding Group 2
       Best Of Breed Bred-By Exhibitor / Bred-By Exhibitor Group 1 / Reserve Best in Show Bred-By Exhibitor

     Show #4
       Best of Breed / Herding Group 1 / Reserve Best in Show
       Best Of Breed Bred-By Exhibitor / Bred-By Exhibitor Group 1 / Best in Show Bred-By Exhibitor


I'm so proud of my boy Angus. He had tons of compliments. Everyone was so nice. I was humbled to have a few people approach me to obtain my arm band number to enter him in the peoples choice award


1/30 - 1/31/16 On Saturday Angus was entered in Rally only. In Excellent B he was amazing but I on the other hand had a brain malfunction at one sign. I accidentally asked him to performed a different behavior then the one specified on the sign. We still qualified though with a score of 78/100 with no placement. I redeemed myself in Advanced B by earning a perfect score of 100/100 and first place. This is his 3rd leg towards his RAE title. So far we are on a roll. He's never NQ in rally to date. On Sunday Angus was only entered in Open Obedience. I can't remember what his score was but we took 1st place out of 11 entered. Earning his second leg towards his CDX. I'm so proud of him! 


12/11/15 (Eukanuba Pre-shows / FRIDAY - Herding Specialty) Today was an amazing day! Angus was only entered in the Herding Specialty hosted by the Sunshine State Herding Group Association. He showed so well for me and ended up taking Select Dog for a 5 point Major. There was about 20 specials showing. Thanks goes to Judge Ms. Joanne N. Paulk for this amazing win. I rarely show him so this win means so much to me.  


12/10/15 (Eukanuba Pre-shows THURSDAY) Today Angus was entered in Rally Excellent and Advanced again. My handling was much better and in turn so was his performance. In Excellent we Qualified with a score of 95/100 and placed 3rd. In Advanced we Qualified with a score of 99/100 and placed 2nd. This earned him his second RAE leg. 


12/9/15 (Eukanuba Pre-shows WEDNESDAY) Angus is now working towards his RAE title. He was entered in Rally Excellent and Advanced. In Excellent he Qualified with a score of 82/100 and Advanced he Qualified with a score of 89/100 giving us our first RAE leg. Almost all points off were handler error. I was so tired. . . and on edge. With only 5 hours total sleep in the last two nights and arriving to the show with less than 20 min to spare prior to ring time I'm surprised we did well at all and I didn't pass out from exhaustion.


After Rally I showed Angus in Open Obedience. I have never been more nervous at a show than this day. I took a year and a half off to work with Angus. When first showing him in Open he would bolt from the ring during out of sight group stays to come find me. I had no idea how he would do after all our work. I was so happy I almost cried. He not only did well on his stay's but he was relaxed about it and Qualified with a score of 190.5 I couldn't be more happy. This is his first leg in Open. 


4/18 - 4/19/15 Angus took Select Dog for 1 GCH point at the Zolfo Springs dog show on Saturday under judge Mrs. Arlene F. Benko. After he went on to earn his Rally Excellent title (RE) with a score of 70/100 and second place. Not our best run but not surprising considering how hot it was outside in the Florida sun. Sunday he was only entered in Breed and took Best of Opposite sex under judge Mrs. Melanie D. Williams earning him 2 more points towards his GCH title.


9/6/14 Angus was entered one day in Rally Exellent B and earned his second leg toward his RE title at the BCSA Nationals.

7/26 - 7/27/2014 Angus was entered in Rally Advanced B on Saturday. The show is located in St. Petersburg, FL. He qualified with a score of 89/100 earning him his RA title (Rally Advanced). We then moved up on Sunday to Excellent B. We qualified with a score of 98/100 taking 2nd place. What a good boy he was!

7/12- 7/13/14 Angus was entered Sat. & Sun. at the Jupiter-tequesta Dog show held in West Palm Beach, FL. He trialed both day's in Conformation, Rally Adv B, and Open A Obedience. On Saturday in conformation Angus took Winners dog for his last 2 points. He is now a new Champion! We then finished it off by taking Best of Breed & Best of Winners over a top 10 male special. He then made the cut in groups. Later that afternoon we showed in Rally Adv for the first time earning a Qualifying score of 96/100 taking 3rd place. NQ in Open Obedience due to issues on the long stays out of sight but overall a great run for his first time in Open. 

On Sunday we showed Angus as a special for the first time and he took Best of Breed over a male special earning him a 4pt Major toward his Grand Championship! Later in groups he made the cut again! Then in Rally Adv. he earned a Qualifying score of 98/100 taking 1st place and his 2nd leg toward his RA title. Same thing happened in Open Obedience so NQ. This was a great weekend for Angus and I. A lot of fun and a memory I'll never forget. Not only is he my first ever Champion, he's from the first litter I've ever bred. I'm so proud of him.

6/12 - 6/15/14 Angus had a great weekend at the Tampa, FL shows. He showed all four days. Thursday he took Best of Winners for 1 point. Friday he took Best of Winners again for a 4 point Major making this his third major. On Saturday he took Winners Dog for 1 point. Later in the day he then went on to earn his CGC with compliments from the evaluator on how he was the most well mannered dog she's seen in a long time. Makes me so proud to hear people say that about my boy. He also had some more health tests done and the results are CERF-Clear & Cardiac-Normal. Angus now only needs 2 single points to finish his AKC Championship. 

4/20/14 Happy Easter! Today Angus's results were: Best of Winners and Best of Breed for a 3 point Major at the Zolfo Springs, FL dog show. He now has his two majors needed for his Championship. We decided after winning BOB to play with him in the group ring. He performed so well for his first time, I couldn't be any more proud of him.

1/26/14 We went to a local obedience show for one day to grab Angus last leg needed for his Rally Novice B title. He recieved 1st place with a perfect score of 100! Couldn't be more happy! 

12/13/13 Our final day showing, day three results. Nothing in conformation. A beautiful run in obedience with our highest score yet 186.5 earning our CD TITLE! We also Qualified in Rally taking 3rd place with a score of 94 which is our second leg. This week was Angus's first time doing obedience and rally. He did very well for being at such a LARGE show with so many distractions. We qualified in every obedience and rally entry this week. I couldn't be happier with how it all went. 

12/12/13 Day two of the Eukanuba pre-shows. Again entered in all three events. Results were: Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 pt. Major in Conformation! Due to a conflict with Rally and Conformation we missed our ring time for Rally. In Obedience we received our second leg with a score of 175.5. I'm so proud of my boy. He is improving with each day. 

12/11/13 Angus was entered in Conformation, Novice B obedience, and Novice B Rally today at the Eukanuba pre-shows (Orlando Cluster). He took Reserve in conformation, 3rd place with a score of 170 in obedience, and 4th place with a score of 82 in Rally. 


9/12/13 Angus and I are taking Flyball classes starting today! He can always be seen with a ball in his mouth so I figured we would try something that highly interests him. We will continue our training for conformation, obedience and agility as well. We had such a great time and for not having as much time to socialize him due to having a baby recently, I can't get over how impressed I am with his easy going attitude in public. He loves people, pay's no mind to other dogs but will be a gentlemen when approached and most importantly he gives me all his focus and WANTS to work and does it well. Can't wait to see what the future holds with this boy, he truly is an all around dog. Angus has shown us he is a Lefty so we are now currently working on his swimmers turn to prepare for the box. 

6/21-6/23/13 This three day weekend Angus debut at the Orlando, FL show in conformation. He's only just turned a year old and still acts very much like a puppy. I'm glad he was able to gain the experience though and by the end of three day's it was a vast improvement from the first day. I'm proud of my little man even though we didn't win.  

12/8 - 12/9/12 This weekend I had an obedience seminar in Jacksonville, FL. I had a working spot and used Angus. He did so well and shows a lot of potential for obedience. He is currently in full time training for competition obedience and Rally-o while also doing some puppy agility on the side. 

8/11/12 Angus was chosen to stay at Top Notch Border Collies due to his exceptional show potential and amazing personality. We are looking forward to seeing how our first bred by boy will do in the ring.

Angus Top Notch Omnipotent High In Trial Rally BCSA National
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