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Gentle Ben AIBC152929    X   Val ABCA121191 

Allie II Top Notch Border Collies

If love could have saved you,

   you would have lived forever . . .

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About Allie


Allie was my first border collie; my companion dog and the reason why I'd fallen in love with this wonderful breed. Sadly we discovered she had Border Collie Collapse" (BCC) at age 5 and was limited to the amount of which she could do for safety reasons. She's patiently stood by my side through the learning process of training and showing.


I'm very proud of her. She came a long way from the shy puppy who was scared of everything including grass to a well mannered social girl. Everyone that interacted with her fell in love with her charm. She really was a one of a kind dog. I'll never forget our journey in life together; our trip around the United states...camping the entire way! The sleep overs at friends houses while growing up. Having her come to work with me while working at doggie daycare's and vet clinics.


I'll never forget the time she stopped that dog from attacking me either. She was always there for me no matter what. I'll always cherish those memories, always. At only age 11 Allie developed Lymphoma Cancer. It was a battle we could not win and in the end we had to make that very hard decision to end her suffering. She will always hold a special place in my heart for not only was she special in so many ways but she was also my first border collie. . . the one who started this whole love affair for the breed. No other can hold that honor but she. Rest in Peace my love. I shall love you always and forever 




Black and White Female

11/09/09 - 5/15/12
Height: 19.25"
Weight: 40 lbs 

Ears: Natural - semi tipped

Bite: Full dentition 

Hips: OFA Excellent

Owner: Angela Efinger

Breeder: Ruth E. Anderson

Location: Deceased
Registered: AKC, ABCA


To see more videos of Allie please visit our youtube page.


Allie was my first border collie. She was around well before I started keeping news updates on a website. We did many things together over the years. She kept me active and helped me over come depression when I was young. Saved my life a few times and traveled with me far and wide. 


She is currently featured on the University of Minnesota's website as an example of what Border Collie Collapse (BCC) looks like. She's listed as "Severe BCC Episode 1." I took the necessary precautions in order to induce one episode for educational purposes. She was unharmed in the making of the video.


When she passed away we had samples of her remains donated to the university as well to help aid in learning more about this condition in our breed. 


She was one hell of a dog. No other has yet to compare. A dog who did no wrong unless you consider toys at your feet annoying ha ha ha. She loved to work and play. I can't say enough good things about her. You can read more about her; I wrote an article about her life which was printed in the BCSA Borderlines magazine. I miss her so much. 

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